Organic Chemistry III CHEM 243 at Drexel University.

Instructor: Jean-Claude Bradley

This page is your starting point for the class. Think of this as a "table of contents" for the class resources. Aside from the 2% extra credit assignments, the only factor that will come into play to determine your grade is how you do on the 2 tests and final exam. Everything else is there to help you learn and make the process as smooth as possible. Take some time to familiarize yourself with what is available and don't hesitate to ask me if you need some clarification.

  1. Syllabus external image cholesterol.jpg
  2. FAQ
  3. Blog (screencasts, podcasts, student assignments, announcements) note: the Flash presentations only work on IE on a PC - otherwise download the MOV or AVI formats (you may need the Camtasia codec for the AVI) from the share directory - For m4v format only see here
  4. Problem Set
  5. Student Questions
  6. WebCT for quizzes, tests and final exam (demo account use chemguest, password education)
  7. Extra Credit Option
  8. Other Textbooks and Resources
  9. Test Info