Here are some additional free organic chemistry resources that should help with explaining the class material in another way. Please add your comments on this page to let us know what is most useful.

Online Textbooks and Resources

  1. Reusch Virtual Organic Textbook
  2. Daley&Daley Textbook see Textbook Conversion Table
  3. Carey Virtual Organic Textbook (with questions)
  4. Reaction Mechanism Interactive Tutorial (SN1, SN2, E1, E2) (Oxford)
  5. ABDN Curly Arrow Interactive Tutorial
  6. Curly Arrow Logic (University of Toronto)
  7. Chemgapedia (with questions)
  8. Michigan State Organic Resources (with questions) see also this question set
  9. Loncapa (Maxka) 3D jmol quizzes (chirality assignment, chirality relationships, cyclohexanes)
  10. PR Young (University of Illinois at Chicago)
  11. Spectral Zoo (spectra and tutorials using jmol)
  12. Mol4D (various organic tutorials using jmol)
  13. Poon-Mundy Demonstrations
  14. Enol Chemistry Tutorial (Oxford)
  15. Chirality Game
  16. Videos of Organic Chemistry Reactions (in case you are curious to see what these reactions look like)
  17. Post questions to a Livejournal organic chemistry blog
  18. Chemistry multimedia resources (from computational chemistry blog)
  19. Mat Todd's ppt and pdf lecture notes
  20. Organic Chemistry Open Courseware Directory
  21. Fun Stuff

Recorded Lectures

  1. Bradley (Drexel) CHEM 241 CHEM 242 CHEM 243
  2. Claude Wintner (Haverford)
  3. Berkeley
  4. Poon Pre-Lectures on iTunes